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DoIT Dedicated Team is a service for recruiting and operating a team of software engineers, entirely dedicated to YOUR business software development and integrated with YOUR company.

DoIT is responsible for:

  • Providing best suitable candidates from local labour markets.
  • Providing replacement candidates, if needed.
  • Employment or relocation of the best candidates who accept job offer.
  • Kickstarting the team on premises, adaptation and orientation.
  • Organizing and maintaining the best possible operational environment, including Legal, Financial, Administrative and IT services.
  • Assisting the team and individual team members to reach the maximal possible productivity.
  • Assisting your business to reach best possible utilization and productivity of your team while maintain team members job satisfaction at high level.

You are responsible for:

  • Defining your product roadmap and task list.
  • Defining compensation levels of individual team members (DoIT will provide you market overview and recommendations if needed).
  • Defining roles and statuses of team members within your company.
  • On-boarding new employee, knowledge sharing.
  • Operational and cultural integration with your company, building relation.

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