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We have more than 10 years of practical experience in internal audit and risk management, fighting fraud, establishing hotlines, implementing changes and improving performance of processes and companies within CEE region.

We combined our own best-practice into an integrated solution backed by an advanced IT system on a protected cloud. We aim to deliver well-run process and not just an IT tool.

We provide a turn-key solution for fraud and noncompliance incident management covering the whole process from data input to case management and resolution. The ready-made process is already tuned for best performance, quality and results including detailed workflows for each of incident category types. 

Our contact center receives reports and complains through telephone and live chat. Our operators are specifically trained for ethics and fraud issues. 

Our web-input multi-language forms may be smoothly integrated with your corporate web-site or  operate as a stand alone branded corporate ethics web-site.

To manage incoming reports effectively we apply triage principles invented in emergency healthcare. All of the reports originate already arranged in different incident classes and marked with attributes which later helps a user priorities response, act immediately or apply certain workflow. 

Our system will also help you escalate issues to the Audit Committees, notify and assemble teams, manage roles and access rights to different parts of the case.

The core of our system is incident management functionality combined with case management helping teams to concentrate  on the quality of an investigation instead of routine operations and filing. The case management is aligned with customizable workflows. The workflows were developed by practitioners and industry experts.

Our turn-key offer as a business process outsourcing service requires no implementation costs or time. As subject matter experts we concentrate on the quality of the process, its effectiveness  and results instead of simple automation.

We help big corporate or more sophisticated customers customize the system and process to their needs and peculiarities. During any customization we remain strongly committed to the effectiveness of the hotline advising customers and keeping quality control as a highest priority.

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